Spring is here! Finally….well almost.

The last week has been quite busy here at the Retreat Center. Due to the lateness of Easter,  Fr. Jim and I had to work  three overnight retreats in a row: The Men’s Holy Week Retreat, (April 18-20)  a Women’s Midweek Retreat (April 22-24) and a Women’s Weekend Retreat (April 25-27). When you work this many retreats in a row, all things seem to blur.  Chris Martin, our Music Minister almost worked two of these three retreats, but had a mishap with her back on the 23rd and is now recuperating. Corrine Kindschy graciously agreed to help with the Men’s Holy Week Retreat, and Debbie Koop worked the Midweek. We will be joined by Kris Joseph and Terri Mifek for the Women’s Weekend, with Jean Thompson and Marc Jaros serving as mu

Easter seems to be a perfect time to come on retreat and even though the numbers of the Men’s Holy Week Retreat and Women’s Midweek were smaller than in past years, both groups had a deep sense of prayer and reverence about them. The fidelity of these good people to  Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center is inspiring.

Water droplets clinking to a tiny branch after a recent rain at the Retreat Center.
Water droplets clinking to a tiny branch after a recent rain at the Retreat Center.

I happened to notice these droplets of water that were clinging to a small branch of a bush outside of the Retreat Chapel as I was tidying up from the Women’s Midweek. The way that these tiny drops of water caught the light, and my eye, as well as the tenacious way that they clung to the tiny branch captivated me. I thought of how often I feel like one of those droplets, barely hanging on, yet in the several minutes that I spent shooting photos of them, none of them departed the tiny branch  The same was true for me; I hung on. I guess that all of us can relate to that.

*          *          *           *

This weekend will mark the cannonizations of two men who had a tremendous impact on our Church and on our world. Popes John XXIII and John Paul II will be proclaimed saints and have their names inscribed in the Calendar of Saints by Pope Francis in a special ceremony at St. Peter’s on Sunday, April 27th. (I already have our Friary DVR set to record it.) Our Minister Provincial, and former Director of Franciscan Retreats, Fr. Jim Kent, is in Rome during this time. Fr. Jim is carrying with him 175 Intercession Cards with over 1000 petitions from our donors and supporters. He is also writing about his time in Rome. Visit our province’s website: www.FranciscansUSA.org  a click on “Fr. Jim’s Pilgrimage to Rome,” or try the following link: http://franciscansusa.org/fr-jim-kents-pilgrimage-to-rome

One more weekend to go….hurray for our Saints John XXIII and John Paul II!

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