Pray-Play Date…a Great Success

On Saturday, May 3rd, we did our first Pray-Play Date for Mothers, Daughters, Grandmothers and Granddaughters. The day was sunny and clear, even it was a bit cool, it still felt wonderful to be able to roam the grounds of the Retreat Center and take in the Spring Awakening.Mom and Daughter

Kris Joseph, Terri Mifek and I did the presentations as shared conferences with each of us contributing. Our chef and kitchen manager Judy Miller, pulled out all the stops; the snacks, the breaks, and the lunch were over the top great.


The spirit of the group was so enthusiastic and so warm, that the day flew by. Everyone seemed to be having a great time together. I think that we struck the right balance of free time, with input from the retreat team, and shared time in the family groups. Participants took to their family activity like ducks to water and the sharing in the family groups was quite moving in some cases.

Everyone enjoyed a fabulous feast for lunch.
Everyone enjoyed a fabulous feast for lunch.

The day concluded with an anticipatory Mass for the 3rd Sunday of Easter, with Fr. Jim Van Dorn as the celebrant.

It seemed that the greatest blessing of the day was watching mothers, daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters having time together and enjoying each other. As we near Mother’s Day, our hats are off to all mothers and grandmothers. As I was preparing the Prayer Service for the day I found this quote, “I found a girl who stole my heart. She calls me Mom.” That says it all.

A perfect day for an outdoor chat.
A perfect day for an outdoor chat.

On a personal note, prior to the day, I remembered that I had some lovely table linens that my Mom used to use when she entertained and I asked Judy if she would like to use them for the day. As I saw these linens and a doilies gracing the buffets, I felt that my Mom would have been so happy to know that they were a part of this day. For Kris, Judy, Terri, Jim and myself, our Moms have passed into eternal life, but today, they felt very near to us.


  1. Kathy Berken

    What a beautiful way to begin May and anticipate Mother’s Day! So glad the day was a success. All those connections, all those memories, all that love. I hope to be there for next year’s event with my daughter.

  2. Susan Olson

    What a lovely quote about moms. I’m sure Mom was thoroughly enjoying seeing her lovely things put to use. Only better thing would be to have all the ladies in hats:). Hope this is first of many similar retreats.

  3. Nancy Hyduke

    Spending this day with my beautiful daughter Kaylea was the best Mother’s Day gift I could ever receive! The whole day was so special . Thank you to Bro Bob, Kris, Terri , Fr. Jim and Judy for the gifts you all possess to put on such a Blessed day !
    I put my collage on my refrigerator. I’m thinking it may generate some curiosity for my family and friends . 🙂

  4. What with Br. Bob talking about his mom’s table linens I was reminded that on mother’s day my wife set out the dishes that belonged to my mom. It was so nice. They so much reminded me of her and many a Sunday dinner after church. I would eat so much mashed potatoes that I would end up taking a nap on the couch. And this when I was just a teenager. Those dinners were just such a comforting part of our week. I so looked forward to those dinners and mom’s great cooking. Now my wife has become an excellent cook as well. The mothers in my life have very deeply blessed me. ALLELUIA!! Will Moore OFS

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